I’m sitting inside, studying, with this view in front of me:

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to being done with exams (at least for this semester) on Monday.

Here’s a selection of plans I’m particularly obsessing about…

  1. Go outside!
  2. Go hiking in the woods.
  3. Meet up with friends & lovers.
  4. Self-love activities to take care of my inner child: make arts & crafts, sing, read children’s books, bake cake, bounce on a trampoline… that kind of stuff.
  5. Work out my business plan.
  6. Re-launch my website!!! I’m participating in a Soulful Website Workshop that will hopefully teach me how to build my own WordPress site. Very excited about that.
  7. Have fun with my little sis’. We have a sisters’ weekend planned soon, we’ll go on a day trip to Salzburg, go dancing, take lots of photos, make lots of food, and enjoy life 🙂
  8. Guilt-free movie nights. At least for a while there will be no nagging voice in my had saying “but you should be studying…”
  9. Establish healthy habits. Being so sick last week really motivated me to take my health a bit more seriously.
  10. Romantic weekend in Prague with Marcel. In only 6 days!
  11. Internship. Probably the only part of my study I actually look forward to 🙂
  12. See Gabby Bernstein in Berlin.
  13. But first of all: Just do nothing for a day or two. Take some time for myself, recover from being sick and sensitive and stressed, allow myself to relax.

Hm, so nice to write it all down. I can’t wait.

But now back to the measurement of personality constructs 😉