On Saturday I went to Gabby Bernstein’s talk in Berlin. For those who don’t know her, she’s a spiritual teacher and bestselling author from New York. The main sources for her teachings are A Course In Miracles and Kundalini yoga – both are rather woo-woo, but she manages to convey them in a very modern, relevant, applicable, down-to-earth, accessible and fun way, without “watering down” the messages.

I haven’t read any of her books yet, but watched many of her videos. In real life (as “real” as a stage can be) she’s exactly like in the videos: present, quite intense, and sometimes funny.

There was nothing “new and spectacular” about her talk, but of course when it comes to spiritual truths, we usually need to hear them more than once. So here are the highlights from my notes – may they inspire you just as much as they inspired me!

1. “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

Apparently this quote does not originally come from Leonard Cohen’s song, but from Rumi. Smart guy. It’s hard to remember this when I’m in acute emotional pain, but every dark night of the soul so far has eventually brought new light into my life. When your heart breaks, it breaks open. It doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong, it means you’ve been given an opportunity for spiritual growth.

2. “Your only problem is that you forgot how to pray.”

Gabby reminded my very powerfully that prayer is always accessible. Always. Of course it might not be the only answer – but it’s always an answer.

She told us: “I’m not responsible for what I’m seeing, but for how I experience it.”

And the prayer she mentioned most frequently was simply: “I’m willing to see this differently” or “Thank you spirit for helping me see this differently. Thank you for reinterpreting this for me.”

3. “The presence of fear is a sure sign that we’re relying on our own strength.”

This one is very much connected to 2. I list it as a separate point because this is pretty much the foundation of my spiritual beliefs: that I’m not alone. That God, the Angels and other guides always have me back. That I don’t need to do this on my own. That I’m supported every step of the way.

I loved the meditations that Gabby led throughout the day. During of them, she had us imagine our guardian angels standing behind us (I felt Archangel Gabriel with me as usual) and spreading their wings. Then she told us to lean back into their loving support.

I cracked up and cried tears of relief and gratitude. I talk to my Angels pretty much every day, I even wrote a book about them – and yet I forget so often to ask them for help. I rely on (nothing but) my own strength so often, and then wonder why I feel tense and overwhelmed.

So here’s a reminder for myself and whoever needs to hear it:

Lean back, the Angels hold you.

4. Ego eradicator

Sounds fancy, right? The ego eradicator is a Kundalini exercise that supposedly… well, eradicates your ego. If you do it long enough, I guess. Wether you believe this claim or not – try it! Gabby had us do this at some point during the afternoon, and the energy in the room changed radically within just a few moments. It gets pretty exhausting pretty fast, but it feels so good!!!

5. “Your job is to be the light.”

I’ll be honest: One of the biggest reasons why I went to see Gabby’s talk in the first place was that she does what I want to do. I wanted to see her on that stage, soak in the vibe, and get a feel for what it would be like to stand there myself. My big, huge, scary dream is to be a spiritual teacher, writer and speaker. “But who am I to do this kind of work?” is the doubt that still holds me back. I appreciate Gabby a lot for speaking directly to this fear, acknowledging it, and giving us all a loving kick in the ass: Our job is to be the light. Our job is to shine.

I’ve already signed up for her free spiritual leadership training on April 6 – check it out if you feel called in any way to bring love and light into the world!