Last Monday I came back from Bucharest, full of beautiful experiences and encounters, full of impressions, full of lessons – and completely exhausted. I spent most of the week recovering, resting, allowing it all to sink in. Now I’m ready to share 🙂

Here comes, in no particular order, a list of blessings I received in Bucharest…

1. All the people who came to my workshops. They were awesome. Open-minded, curious, present, smart, kind, eager to participate. I loved hearing their questions and comments and I loved hanging out with them afterwards.

2. The organizers and volunteers at Incubator107. They made this whole adventure possible, they hosted me, showed me around, promoted my workshops and supported me at every step.

3. All the cool bars, cafés, restaurants and tea houses. So much fun, so much beauty.

4. Great conversations. About love and life and angels and authenticity and travel and work and everything else.

5. An oddly twisted romance 🙂

6. Old and new friends. I would have never thought that I’ll end up with such a big network of cool people in Romania, of all places!

7. I learned so much through teaching. The main lesson, I guess, is that I totally love giving workshops. The next one is that being honest and vulnerable and sharing my own stories is by far the best way to teach. And last but not least: presence is so much more important than preparation.

8. The weather! I hadn’t expected this, but it was so warm there! Like a surprise summer vacation! I really miss that now, being back in chilly Munich.

9. Divine guidance (part 1). The entire week felt like a gift from God. Like a confirmation that I’m on the right track. And whenever I felt doubt, I asked for help and received an answer. So many lessons in trusting. Surrender. Let go and let God.

10. Divine guidance (part 2). After being told more than two years ago that my divine life purpose is to “proclaim the name of God”, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy convincing myself that nobody is interested in that stuff. Nobody wants to hear about God and prayer and angels. People will thing I’m crazy. Blah blah. Well, after talking to so many people who were really interested in surrendering to God, this story just doesn’t work out any longer. I’m ready to stop resisting this calling.

I am deeply grateful. And I’ll definitely return 🙂

Workshop summaries

Starting tomorrow, I’ll write articles about each of the five workshops I gave:

Open Relationships 101
The No.1 Relationship Mistake
Self-Care Habits
Rituals & Ceremonies 101
Let Go & Let God

Stay tuned!

Love & Hugs,