Changes are coming.

At the Spring Equinox a week ago I planted seeds for my spiritual practice to grow and prosper.

I feel more ready than ever to share my path with others, to write and teach and speak.

I receive such clear guidance every day, and I’m making more space and time in my life to follow it.

End of the “blog challenge”

I’ve been diligently writing a new article twice a week for the last two and a half months. Honestly, for me it’s very special to do anything on a regular basis, so I’m quite proud of myself. At the same time, I’ve also seen how easily writing becomes a “chore”, and I’m not always happy with the quality of my writing. I’d like to keep up the routine and add some more inspiration…

A fresh start

Over the last few weeks I’ve participated in a really cool online course by my friends the Metamonks. It’s called Soulful Website Workshop and basically gives you the tools and skills to build a WordPress website on your own, super fast.

Next week I’ll start putting everything I learned into practice, creating a new online home for myself. I’m very grateful for the website right here (Marcel built it with a lot of love), and I’m ready to move on. The design was originally made to fit me-from-five-years-ago – I have changed so much in that time! I’m also really looking forward to being fully in charge of my own website, not depending completely on Marcel’s expertise.

Closed due to renovation

I decided to take a little while off the blog while I’m creating that new website and manifesting some other changes in my life (mainly, devoting myself more fully to my spiritual practice). My hope is that it won’t be longer than one or two weeks, but you know how those things go… So I’m not setting a specific deadline.

I’m sending you lots of love and light and already look forward to connecting with you on my new website…