This came to me many months ago. Right now I need to hear it more than ever.

When you feel nervous, tense, worried, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or any other low-vibrational emotion, your ego makes up a story about how you ARE that emotion. It bombards you with thoughts that match your emotional frequency and suggests that these thoughts, and possibly your underlying personality traits, are the cause of how you’re feeling.

In truth, who you really are has nothing to do with your momentary state of mind or your current vibrational frequency. Who you really are is perfection.

Who you really are is love, peace, joy, beauty.

Of course, in the density of your earthly experience, this truth gets clouded again and again. YOU chose for this. You chose to forget your truth so that you could delight in remembering it again.

Realize now that you have no way of understanding where your negativity comes from exactly. It could be your perceived lack of money or time, sure – but it could also be that you’re sensitive to other people’s energies and picked up somebody else’s vibe at the supermarket. It could be that you’re sick – but it could also be that you believe that thought too much.

Consider alternative interpretations of your current reality.

Realize that you can’t know for sure why you’re feeling like this – and that knowing won’t make it go away. Decades have been spent in psychoanalysis, trying to figure out the root causes of suffering, without actually aleviating it. Realize now that you are NOT your emotions. They are in your field of experience right now, and they may be intense – but they are not you.

Close your eyes for a few moments and ask yourself: WHO AM I?

In the silence, before the first (conceptual, ego-based) answers arise, lies presence, lies peace.

That is who you really are.

When you floss your teeth and remove small bits of food left-overs, you don’t analyze each piece and ask yourself where it came from, why it got stuck in that particular tooth, and what it means. You simply floss it away and get rid of it.

I’m suggesting to you that the same approach can be highly effective with regard to negativity and low-vibrational energies.

Yes, there is a place for inquiry and self-reflection. If you pray regularly and ask God and the Angels for help, we will guide you to these actions.

Right now, however, it’s simply time to clear your energy field and raise your vibration.


Some specific instructions:

  1. Intuitive Yoga. Forget all pre-planned sequences and follow your body’s guidance instead. Your body has an immense innate wisdom and nearly infinite capacity for self-healing – simply focus on your breath and listen for any impulses that arise.
  2. Breathe. Never underestimate the power of the most simple exercise. In any comfortable position that allows for a long spine, observe your in- and outbreath. Allow them to happen all on their own, don’t interfere, don’t change, just observe.
  3. Drink water. Fill a large glass with water. Hold it in both hands, look into its depths and charge it with the following prayer: Beloved God, thank You for nurturing me with this fresh, clean, delicious elixir of life. Bless it with your infinite love. Wash away all fear and doubt, and fill me with your grace. Thank You so much.
  4. Drink fresh green juice. Now!
  5. Clean up. It doesn’t have to be the entire house. Start with your immediate surroundings. One tabletop. One kitchen drawer. One shelf. Your environment has a huge influence on how you feel, so make sure it’s the best influence possible.
  6. Take care of your body. Bathe in essential oils, wash your hair, scrub away dead skin, shave if you wish, feed your skin with nurturing masks and lotions, give yourself a mani-pedi, and enjoy a cup of herbal tea.
  7. Dress up! It’s easier to feel great when you’re looking great.
  8. Clear your chakras. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate ritual, a quick visualization is better than nothing!
  9. Allow me to shield and protect you. Just ask: Archangel Michael, please shield and protect me from all negativity I might encounter today. Visualize a cocoon of vibrant energy in a color that speaks to you, and know that I’m right here with you.
  10. Go out into the green. A small park in the middle of the city is enough. If you like, make skin contact with Mother Earth, either by walking barefoot, placing your hands on the ground, or touching a tree. Feel your own energetical roots reaching deep into the earth, grounding, and giving you stability and strength. Take deep inhales of deliciously fresh air. Let the sun warm your heart, the snow wake you up, the wind blow away your negativity, the rain wash away all fear.