A few impressions of what’s going on in my life…


Two weeks from hell

I’m in Prague right now, enjoying a romantic weekend with Marcel AND recovering from the past two weeks: a nasty bladder infection, ensuing emotional chaos full of guilt and fear and tears, stressful exam preparations, the actual exams, and last but not least a really bad experience with a guy that seems to have triggered some super painful memories/traumas in me. Bang, bang, bang, it just wouldn’t stop. I sincerely hope it’s over now.


Lessons learned

  • I can survive this, too.
  • My health and wellbeing are my top priority.
  • Very clear message from the Angels: raise your vibe as high as you can. Dedicate yourself fully to your spiritual practice. You’ll function so much better on a higher energetic frequency.
  • “If it’s not a hell yes , it’s a no.” – I don’t subscribe 100% to that, but I could use a little bit more of this attitude in my life.
  • I’ve received several very straight pointers towards parts of me that need healing.
  • Fully feeling is the most important step towards healing.
  • I’m a highly sensitive person and I better honor that.


Longing for solitude

It’s lovely to be in Prague now, but when we come back home tomorrow, I would like nothing more than to ignore my entire to-do list, switch off my phone and computer, and just be alone for a week or so. Meditate, sleep, read, take walks. Gather all the parts of myself that have been scattered around. Talk to the Angels and listen to them for longer than just a few minutes.

I imagine I’ll find some sort of middle way – spend a few hours a day on self-care and spiritual practice, and a few hours on “getting shit done”.

If you want to send some prayers and good vibes my way… They’re very much appreciated 🙂