Yesterday was a very auspicious day for new beginnings: the spring equinox, a solar eclipse and the new moon, all together. I conducted a small ritual with friends in the park; we sat in the rising sunshine together, went through a series of guided meditations, and planted the seeds of our new intentions in the earth. It was beautiful, the air crisp and golden, nature waking up around us, and the four of us huddled together in meditation. I’m very grateful for these moments…

It’s not just about this one day though.

If you didn’t celebrate yesterday, you can still take some time now to contemplate the beginning of spring and to use this time for setting new intentions.

This is also a time of natural balance – equinox meaning equally long day and night – so if you feel like you could use some more balance in your life, nature is totally on your side. Go within and ask for guidance. Be receptive to answers.

In tune with the natural rhythms

I love celebrating pagan festivals like the spring and autumn equinox, Halloween/Samhain, the solstices etc. I don’t identify with any specific pagan religion, but I’m deeply drawn to the whole concept of honoring the cycles of Mother Earth, attuning myself to nature, and conducting specific ceremonies that facilitate awareness and magic. Yes, I believe in magic 🙂

A Wise One

Some time ago (during my silence weekend, actually) I discovered Doreen Virtue’s book Earth Angel Realms in which she describes various groups of people who’ve had previous lifetimes of specific origins (e.g. they are reincarnations of fairies, knights, mermaids, or beings from other planets…)

One of those groups is called “the Wise Ones”. They are old souls who were sorcerers, shamans or priestesses in many previous lives. I won’t bother with the entire description, it’s easily found online – I’ll just say that I was blown away when I read it, I felt such a recognition, such a deep knowing that this is me…

I feel very drawn to the role of a “priestess” of sorts. A woman with a solid spiritual education, with the ability to conduct rituals, and of course the power to manifest new intentions into being. A woman who dedicates herself fully to spiritual practice and service. A woman devoted to divinity.

My own new beginning

For yesterday’s ritual I had asked everyone to bring a small symbol for whatever they want to bring into life, and we planted them in the park. I brought some buckwheat husks that fill my meditation cushion, to symbolize meditation and my urge to go within, to devote myself more fully to my spiritual practices.

I want to embrace that role of the priestess. I want to follow this urge for devotion, practice and service. I long for solitude and contemplation. I’ve been meditating and doing yoga quite a bit this week, and I just LOVE hanging out in that space of mindfulness and inner awareness. I love feeling at home in my own body. I love feeling God’s presence in my every cell. I love witnessing the inner transformations that come about purely by directing my attention in specific ways.

Making time for doing nothing

I’m extremely grateful that right now, I do actually have the possibility to make my spiritual practice a priority. I don’t want to withdraw from life and from my relationships and commitments, and I still have all kinds of things to do – but it is possible to take significant chunks of time and simple mark them as “practice”. I have no idea how long this urge will last or where it will take me. For now, I’ll simply follow it and trust that it’s good.

Yoga in the sunshine

Yoga in the sunshine