I’m back from my blogging break! Still on the old website, but with awesome news…

Next week I’m flying to Bucharest, Romania, where I’ll spend one AMAZING week teaching FIVE different workshops about some very exciting topics:

They will be hosted by the Incubator107, a cultural and educational center that offers lots of different donation-based workshops every month. They have a very active and involved community and I think I’ll have so much fun with them…

For more information about each specific workshop, click on these links:

Open Relationships 101
The No. 1 Relationship Mistake
Self-Care Habits
Rituals & Ceremonies 101
Let Go & Let God

You can also check out this video (4:45) that I made for the Incubator’s kick-off event last weekend – I introduce myself and then talk very briefly about each workshop:

If you’re reading this and happen to live in or visit Bucharest, please join me for any (or all) of these events!

In other news

Even though it’s not done yet, I have been working on my new website and there’s been quite some progress. Here’s a little sneak peek: