Freedom means that you don’t necessarily need to do everything like everyone else.

– Astrid Lindgren

A few things that I “don’t necessarily” do like everyone else:

  • I don’t believe in “work-life-balance” – I believe that work is simply a part of my life, just like my relationships or my health.
  • I prioritize my wellbeing – over all other obligations
  • I am not in permanent employment and decide freely when, where and how much I work.

As a coach, consultant and psychologist I explore conscious lifestyle design in all its facets: How can we build our lives in such a way that they satisfy our basic needs, embody our values and empower us to reach for our greatest dreams?

My Professional Background

  • University degree in psychology (M.Sc.)
  • Trainer for the Materne coaching training
  • Partner at Structure & Process, a small consulting agency for organizational development (focus on “New Work” and self-organized teams)
  • Coaching training at Materne Training
  • Coaching training with a focus on management consulting at Deutsche Psychologen Akademie (DPA/German Psychologist Academy, in progress)
  • Extensive training in mindfulness practices, meditation, communication techniques, group dynamics and facilitation, as well as various psychological self-help modalities
  • Autodidactic business & marketing education after starting my first business, Made by Malwina, at the age of 20
  • Co-author of a sewing book for TOPP, Germany’s largest publisher of DIY literature
  • Alumnus of the creative writing program at Eckenroth Stiftung
  • Scholar at Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
  • Certified yoga teacher (RYT-200)

I write more about my perspective on and understanding of coaching here.

I was born in Poland, raised in Bavaria (Germany), lived in the Netherlands for a while, have my base in Munich now and am available for projects across Europe. I speak fluent English and German, very good Dutch and conversational Polish.

Things I like to obsess about

  • The good things in life: arts & crafts, nature, delicious food, literature…
  • Spirituality
  • Sustainability and self-sufficiency
  • Minimalism
  • Social justice, inclusion, intersectional feminism

Interested in working with me?

Let’s schedule a (complimentary) exploratory session and find out if/how we could collaborate! Just shoot me an email and I’ll send you all the details.